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Gary & Cindy Klein

GaryandCindy2013Gary and Cindy Klein and their family Have been on the field in the Dominican Republic as medical missionaries since 1991.

David Klein, Lori Klein (Manuel), Joey Klein, Christy Klein (Baez), Sara Klein, and Donny Klein were all raised on the field, with Sara and Donny having been born in the DR, having dual citizenship DR/US.

David is currently living in the city of Santo Domingo in the DR and is actively working with CDMM.

Lori and her husband Tim Manuel and their three children, Sunny 6, Zoe 4, and Markey 1 are currently living in Mucha Agua working with CDMM.

Joey is living in Santo Domingo working full-time at a private Christian school, and actively working with CDMM.

Christy is an RN with her husband Ariel Baez a Dentist are living in Louisville, KY with their daughter Emily 1 y/o.

Sara is a freshman at Johnson University in Knoxville, TN.

Donny 17 y/o is living with his parents in the DR and actively working with CDMM.

Gary and Cindy are both Registered Nurses, Gary a retired US Air force Major, who worked as a FNP for the US Embassy in Santo Domingo for 6 years.

The Medical Mission is still a very important part of their overall mission outreach, they have also built over 50 structures in the DR. Many Church buildings, the Mucha Agua  Mission Center Campus facilities, and Camp Salcedo structures, as well as several preacher family homes. Medical, Dental, and Vision clinics are all offered with help from visiting professionals, we also offer VBS, Bible Institute training, Church development, supervision of 20 churches, and are developing a large farm of 2000 tareas in the mountains of Mucha Agua cultivating Avocados, Coffee, Cacao (chocolate), Mangoes, and a large variety of other fruit-bearing trees.

For over 22 years now this family has been working all over the Dominican Republic and in Haiti as reaching-out with the love of Christ to reach untold millions with the Gospel of Jesus Christ with great success, as a direct result of this work over 5000 have accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

It is our plan to continue to serve here as Bible teachers, overseers,medical care providers, and church developers until the Lord calls us home.

Gary frequently preaches all over the island in mission associated churches, and events.

Gary and Cindy celebrating over 37 years of Marriage enjoy the position of example in long relationships, and successful family life and are actively assisting many church members in their belated Matrimony to develop a church leadership cadre that can qualify for Biblical eldership in these developing churches.

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